After the completion of Damage Assessment, Professional Studies, define the Scope of Work required by MOP and identify the guidelines for reimbursement of all FEMA and HUD Grants, IPG will start the design process for the rehabilitation, reconstruction or new construction for the facility assigned.

IPG will provide:

  • A/E Design Services and MOP to support efforts in the development of the operational and functional space programs for the Project. Project schedule development (with short, medium, and long-term strategies) including adjustments based on the progress of work and specific recommendations for prioritizing and accelerating critical path items.
  • Develop standards, criteria, and design models that can be used for future facilities building designs and remodeling work.
  • Oversee and review requests for reimbursement of all FEMA and HUD grants.
  • Coordinate and manage swing space, relocation, or occupancy efforts once construction is final.
  • Request all the required Permits for environmental, demolition, construction in the State and Federal Governmental Agencies related to this process (OGPE, ICP, DRNA, AEE, AAA, SHPO, such others).
  • Prepare Technical Specifications for the Project
  • Provide engineering, cost estimating, and architectural support, among other types of technical assistance.

Drawings must be accurate and understandable. Every set of drawings is reviewed regularly by the principal. In addition, all projects are reviewed by the project manager at stages during design to further ensure accuracy and clarity.

Our Design Services will focus and include the following, as requested in the Request for Proposals: