Permits Services:

After the Design phase of the project, we will begin the process of obtaining the corresponding permits and endorsements to be able to start the construction phase. We will work on the completion and preparation of the forms and documentation necessary for the corresponding procedures. Once the project is completed, we work on obtaining the corresponding permits and endorsements for the use of the facilities built. Our permitting phase begins when we have approved the conceptual stage by the Municipality of Patillas, to expedite the search for the required documentation. Our permitting process includes, but is not limited to, the following stages:

Preparation of the Filing Package:

  • At this stage we will work on preparing the package of documents and information required to file the case with the Permits Management Office.
  • At this stage we create a physical and digital file of the case. Our office provides the client with a copy of the project’s digital file at the end of the Permits process.
  • In this stage we design a check sheet for the client to deliver to us the documentation owned by the Municipality and which is required for this phase.

Filing and Monitoring

  • Once all the documentation and the design are ready, we proceed to request the endorsements and construction permits of the project from the Permit Management Office. Once the Permits filing is completed, the case number assigned to the Municipality of Patillas is provided for your information. Our office has no influence on the time it takes for the agency to evaluate the case.